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Online Backup and Storage

Don’t let data loss cripple your business

Online storage and backup protects your valuable business data using a fully automated system to copy all of your data onto fully encrypted secure off site servers. The data is readily accessible by you in the event of a disaster such as a server crash, virus, fire, theft, accidental deletion or losing your data some other way. You can be back up and running almost immediately.

Buy as much storage space as you need, and easily backup the exact files you want backed up. Everything you save to our servers is encrypted, so it can not be stolen from the server. If anything happens to your original files, recovery of your crucial information is just a couple of clicks away.


Details of our Backup Service

What can be backed up?

Any file on your computer, includes all documents, emails, accounting files and more.

Easily back up and recover files

our back up service makes it easily to back up the critical files, and the secure encryption is done automatically. Recovering files is equally as simple for an authorised user, available in the event of a disaster, server crash, virus, crime or accident, or even just to access your files off site.

Off site backup

Following best practice for backups of your critical data means that all important backups are kept off site in a separate secure location. Our servers are located in an Australian datacentre.

100% private and secure

Our systems encrypt your data as it is transmitted to our servers, so it is only available to you or your representative. We offer AES 256-buts encryption using a private key, and transmission over SSL.

Set and forget

Once you set up your backup plan, it works automatically in the background continually backing up your selected data. Emails are routinely sent to you reminding you that it backing up correctly or alerting to any issues.

Restore files easily

Restoring data is fast and easy. You simply select the files you want to access, and the target location on a local computer, and the files download to you. You can be back up and running quickly.

Access anywhere, anytime

As the backup server is accessed via a web portal, your backup and restore settings can be accessed anywhere there is a web browser, including, PC, Mac, iPads and even mobile.

Multi platform

Our backup and restore plans work with any operating system, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Incremental backups

Depending on the settings you wish, incremental versions of working files can be saved, so that there are several versions of the same document available, allowing you to go back weeks in time to recover a document to its original state.


Your data is always available to review or recover. Your restoration options allows you to recover data any time of the day or night.

Added redundancy

We keep separate versions of your data on separate servers in our data centre as an extra layer of security. Think of it as a backup of your backup.

Remove human error

Due to the fact that the backup process is automated, there is no human component added in to make a mistake, forget the backup, leave them in the office, or destroy the backup by mistake. An off-site automated backup is the best way to eliminate human error.


All our backup plans are on a month to month basis with no lock in contracts. You can scale up or down at will, with plans starting at 2GB, up to Terabytes of storage.


Pricing for Backup Plans

PlanPrice (per month)
2GB FREE Storage Space$0.00
20GB Storage Space$19.95
50GB Storage Space$49.00
100GB Storage Space$99.00
200GB Storage Space$199.00
400GB Storage Space$399.00
600GB Storage Space$599.00
800GB Storage Space$799.00
1000GB Storage Space$999.00

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